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Rexuiz FPS

What else is offering a new free first person shooter online? Here, you can absolutely everything - in an updated version expanded the number of game modes, improved graphics and added special effects, allowing to enjoy the process. All this became possible due to the new engine shooter that does not require a great performance from your PC or mobile device, but it is an excellent drawing and graphics. It is noteworthy also that the toy runs on any operating system - Windows, Mac and Linux. What about the "hardware"? Even a weak performance on your computer safely pulls Rexiuz without any problems.
Please also realistic game physics, continuous action, which does not let you get bored and excellent sound. In the plot shooter, there is no hint of science fiction - all as close to the real situation, where you can only win by using your skills and abilities to use your weapons. Of course, you can diversify your character, improving skill use of a weapon. There are no basic specialties - each player can become a sniper attack aircraft or demolition.
The game world itself is updated location, and multiple types of weapons and combat gadget will allow you to become a better fighter.
For beginners in this free shooting game there is a single player, where you can brush up on the battle with the bots. After several battles, you will learn how to develop tactics and strategy. But still, the game in real time with the same gamers, you will be much more interesting.

Download Rexuiz

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